Welcome to my new site with DevBlog

Hi, I welcome you to my new website with WordPress.

Yet everything is under construction, but soon you will find all sorts of things by and with me

I‘ll present my games and other projects, tell something from me, show results of other hobbies and might bring you new knowledge.

In future I would like to also post here all my blog entries that I have always published on http://dimensionrider.blogspot.de so far.
But first I want to copy all the previous posts here forth, starting with my opening post:


Opening of developer blog of Dimension Rider (Monday, 25th of May 2015)

Welcome to the GameDev (Games Development) blog of Dimension Rider!
My name is Michael Grönert (BadToxic), I have completed my Masters in computer science at the University of Ulm and I work in a medium-sized software company in Ulm as a software engineer.
My hobby is game programming and I am dealing with this subject for many years. Just over a year ago I set up a trade in which I’m programming games sideline.

A month ago it was finally time, I published my first commercial game – Fizhy, a classic puzzle game for iOS and Android.


Fizhy, my first commercial project

The aim
mainly was going through all processes of game development (also after the completion of the actual game) and not about achieving large profits.

Although I will hone Fizhy here and there, I’m already planning my next game and so we come to this blog. This time I want document all processes of development for all freely accessible. This is to allow newcomers but also experienced developers or interested people to catch an insight into the various steps of the development of a game and thereby teach or just entertain.
If you still want more information about me and former games projects by myself in order to be able to assess how good
my experience really is, can be found on my old personal website

Well, what about the progress of my new game? As the blog reveals in itself, it already carries a name – Dimension Rider. It can be concluded that already planning must have taken place and a game idea of ​​this name fits, already exists. Here we are already talking about the first step of development – a lot of planning, considerations, trade-offs etc. But I would like to tell you more in my next post. Here is a little taste – a first sketch (and no, you can not say it was a racing game):


A first sketch of dimension Rider
(created on an iPhone 6 Plus)

I want to run this blog in two languages: German and English. For this purpose I will make some contributions in German, others in English, or posts with the same content in duplicate. Accordingly, I’ll provide them with the labels german and english.

I am looking forward to your feedback and further interest. See you next time! 🙂

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