Open Source

On this page I would like to offer a
useful scripts or other freely usable things.

Pythagoras Tree 3D
Pythagoras Tree made with Unity

See the pythagoras theorem in action

Discord Bot for Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Support your guild with this bot

Simple WebVR example

Learn web based virtual reality

Nanogram game

Picture logic puzzles that may reveal a hidden picture.

3D Runner
3DS Homebrew Game

Creating a platform runner for N3DS.

Made with GameMaker

Learn how to create a tetris game.

SL Backtracking
Backtracking in 3D.

Illustrating backtracking in Second Life.

The following are small Java programs,
implementing games with simple techniques.
They work text-based and do not require
an elaborate graphic interface.
Therefore, they are great to learn
simple Java algorithms
for example for freshman in computer science.
See also the section:

Written in Java

Consisting of constructs which are subject in a first semester computer science.

Slide Puzzle
Written in Java

A text-based slide puzzle game working in the console.