The game idea

I’m not saying that an idea has to be “created” as a very first step – there are other ways to get started, but in this case I was specifically looking for a game idea that could be adapted well to certain basic requirements.
These requirements were the following:

  • Target audience: from children to young adults – Casual Players.
  • Ubiquitous Platform: Mobile -> iOS & Android.
  • Simple Controls: Hold the phone with one hand and operate with just one finger.
  • Suitable for short quick games: A few seconds should be enough to finish a game.
  • No clone: ​​Avoid the similarity to other games.
  • Fun: Quick batting and “permanently”.

Alternatively, for example, a game mechanic or graphical property can form the basis, long before a tangible idea must be formulated. A recent example of this, the project would be to develop a game for virtual reality goggles. This determines to a certain extent the possible platforms, development environments and programming languages, which maked some ideas difficult or even impossible to realize.

Now it is time to find an idea that can be reconciled with those requirements. It’s always helpful to know a lot of games to be a good game developer. So you can get inspiration and learn from successes and failures of others. Nor is it reprehensible to take over game elements from other games. In fact, it’s probably not even possible to invent something new that contains nothing what has already been there …Apart from the fact that some points are sure taste, so a game connoisseurs should be able to list a few games that meet the above requirements. I would like to mention at this point only one game – it is well known – Flappy Bird. There are countless games (eg “Runner”), which are based on a similar principle and are more or less successfully. The more difficult it is to create something that stands out.

OK, so far so good. Inspiration by comparable … Now, where the idea from? I will not therefore begin to explain the human brain and how ideas come about. I have just spent a few days, perhaps weeks, thinking about it – I was in no hurry. I’ve been thinking about games that I knew, that fit my requirements. I was wondering what makes these games well, how they could be improved or might look like in another scenario in which exactly the same game mechanics could be applied. Then I tried to mix in different games or replace parts of them by completely new. Later I tried aware of existing games to abstract and to imagine various actions from real life or from movies as game. And so I could go on for hours explaining ideas much more accurate, but I want to leave something for you 😉

Finally I ended up with my idea for Dimension Rider: A kind of ship (ther rider), on a vertically held mobile screen (portrait mode) steadily is moving upwards and has to avoid obstacles. It can be moved to the right or left by wiping a finger. There are several endless levels that you can gradually unlock. These are implemented in different graphic styles, coupled with differences in game mechanics that will provide variety (the dimensions). There will be a level system that will allow the gathering of experience and / or money, by which you can improve (facilitated control, robust ship, …).
Very important are the high score lists of each dimension through which players can compete against each other.This rough description still leaves a lot of room open. I’ll fill this in coming articles.

Next time I want to explain what it is to be fun and why. And I’m also on other “fun generators” and explain them.

Original Post, Monday, 25th May 2015