Game development resources

Today I have created for you a list of resources of all kinds, which may be very useful for game development. I myself have only a few of them looked at in more detail, but most looks very goodThere are graphics from sprites, backgrounds or illustrations over audio files for sound effects and background music, up to useful tools for various applications.

If you use these links, you leave my blog and reach web pages of others, for I assume no liability or guarantee!

> Sprites / Graphics

> Sound / Music

> Game Development Tools

>> Level design, user interfaces, animations

  • Spline – Brilliant 2D animation editor (Good for GameMaker)
  • Goji Editor – Game editor and integrated development environment
  • Booty5 – HTML5 game maker
  • Texture Packer – Create sprite sheets / atlases easily
  • Glee2D – Generic 2D editor
  • Tiled – 2D tile based map editor

>> Graphics and modeling software

>> Code editors and IDEs

-> Also se my post about game development IDEs

  • IntelliJ IDEA – Enterprise, mobile, web with Java, Scala, Groovy (Absolute recommendation!)
  • Notepad++ – Free code editor for Windows (supports a range of languages)
  • Eclipse – Free cross platform Java IDE
  • Visual Studio Express – Free IDE for Windows (C/C++, C#, HTML5, Visual Basic)
  • Xcode – Free IDE for Apple Mac OS (Objective-C, C/C++)
  • Netbeans – Free cross platform IDE (C/C++, PHP, HTML5, Java and more)
  • TextWrangler – Free code editor for Mac OS (supports a range of languages)
  • Aptana Studio – Powerful open source web development IDE

>> Other tools

  • Tridiv – Create 3D models in CSS3!

> Other

Make sure that you read the license of any and all artwork that you use in any of your products, marketing materials and web sites. Different licenses grant you different usage rights, make sure that you are clear on them. If in doubt contact the artwork provider to find out.

With all these resources, you should be able to create the greatest results. However, nothing is better than making stuff oneself as much as possible, right? ;)

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Original Post, Monday, 28th September 2015