This part of my page is concerned with those
of my projects that are useable as tuitional
objects and fit in the category of edutainment,
the combination of enterntainment and education.

Educational Applications

These applications are free.
Some use resources such as graphics from other
persons or companies, so I do not have full rights to them.
They were created mainly for teaching and learning.
Feel free to download it and test it.
Some can also be started directly in the browser.

Pythagoras Tree 3D
Pythagoras Tree made with Unity

See the pythagoras theorem in action

Pythagoras tree

Pythagoras shows a Pythagoras tree to interact with.

Ant colony simulation

Swarm visualises the behaviour of an ant colony searching for food.

SL Backtracking
Backtracking in 3D.

Illustrates backtracking in Second Life.

The following are small Java programs,
implementing games with simple techniques.
They work text-based and do not require
an elaborate graphic interface.
Therefore, they are great to learn
simple Java algorithms
for example for freshman in computer science.

Written in Java

Consisting of constructs which are subject in a first semester computer science.

Slide Puzzle
Written in Java

A text-based slide puzzle game working in the console.