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  • Create games for Nintendo’s New 3DS Browser (HTML5) with GameMaker

    Hi Guys, this time I deald with trying to get a game running in the browser on the N3DS, which was written with the GameMaker. The Nintendo New 3DS is Nintendo’s current handheld, which is able to display on its upper screen 3–dimensional images without glasses and has a lower touchscreen. I‘m going to share […]

  • Creating a game with GameMaker – Tetris

    As promised, I will show you today the source code of a small game that I programmed. But it is not an original creation, but the reprogramming of a game that has been around a very long time – since 1984. Even today there are many new versions of it and it’s still a popular […]

  • GameMaker – Introduction

    As discussed in my last post, I have chosen GameMaker: Studio as my development environment for game programming. Now I would like to provide an easy entry for beginners and other interested parties to this IDE (Integrated Development Environment) by listing a few sources of information and tips and explaining the basics. Official GameMaker: Studio site GameMaker: […]