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Michael Grönert
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My name is Michael Grönert, born 1987 in Suhl (Thuringia). I currently live in Blaustein (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) and work fot eXXcellent solutions in Ulm as a Senior Software Engineer.
Part-time and especially as a hobby, I’ve founded a one-person business for game and app development with focus on Andoid and iOS.

After my graduation in 2007 I started studying computer science at the university of Ulm, where I received my bachelor degree (B.Sc.) in 2010 and finally my master’s degree (M.Sc.) in 2013.

During that time I’ve worked four years as a tutor of “Practical Computer Science” and “Introduction to Computer Science” at the university.
But even before I’ve collected different experiences. I completed internships as an electrician, engineer and in the service industry.
I also worked as a lecturer in mathematics and physics at different companies.

In addition to my German mother tongue, I speak fluent English and have basic knowledge of Japanese and French.

Apart from my enthusiasm for game development, I’m interested in edutainment, dancing, music, organizing small (private) events, swimming, drawing and much more.
I enjoyed working as a voluntary mentor at “Jugend Hackt Süd”, an initiative of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany.

On my site you’ll find additional information about me and my projects. Below this section I’ve listed the points I’ve already mentioned in more detail.

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