My Games

Here I present to you my games.

I create all kinds of games for various platforms.
A few are commercially, some are freeware and some are open source.
Feel free to test it and have fun.

Commercial Games

Old-School Puzzle Spiel.

Fange alle Fische im Teich dieser idyllischen Berglandschaft indem du Ketten von mindestens vier gleichfarbigen Fischen bzw. Köderteilen horizontal oder vertikal anordnest.

Ein knuffiges Spiel... wie Tetris, aber süß.

Ordne die herunterfallenden Knuffs verschiedener Formen so an, dass sich gefüllte Zeilen ergeben. Komplette Zeilen lösen sich auf und geben Punkte.

Freeware Games

These games are for free. Some of them are using resources like graphics and ideas from other games by other people or companies, so I don’t have the full right of them to use them for commercial purpose.
They are mostly made for fun and for practising creating better games. Feel free to download and try them. Some also can be played in your browser directly.

Online-multiplayer skill game.

Inspiriert durch yellow-maps in Haxball und Kuru Kuru Kururin.

Online multiplayer puzzle game.

Inspiriert durch The Legend of Zelda und Portal. Hilf dem Weihnachtsmann, die gestohlenen Geschenke wiederzufinden!

JR Battle
Two Player Jump'n'Run.

Inspiriert durch New Super Mario Bros.
Ein Plattformer HTML5 Spiel für zwei Spieler die lokal gegeneinander kämpfen.

Match The Matches
Matchstick puzzle game.

Matches must be completed under instruction without overlap.

One 2 Switch
Multiplayer Action Puzzle.

Inspired by Panel de Pon - a tile-matching puzzle video game

Arcade game from 1979.

My bachelor thesis: Asteroids usinging Temporal Difference Learning.

Ball rolling puzzle game.

This game was inspired by Silversphere, a flash puzzle game.

Open Source Games

These games are not only free,
but also free to use, including their source code.
Some of them are designed to
and illustrate technologies.

See also the following sections
Open Source

Nanogram game

Picture logic puzzles that may reveal a hidden picture.

3D Runner
3DS Homebrew Game

Creating a platform runner for N3DS.

Made with GameMaker

Learn how to create a tetris game.

Written in Java

Consisting of constructs which are subject in a first semester computer science.

Slide Puzzle
Written in Java

A text-based slide puzzle game working in the console.