Work Experience

Work experience

My current employment

Senior Software Engineer

eXXcellent solutions Logo

Since October 2013 – Ulm, Germany

Managing Director

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Blaustein, Germany

Work Experience

Student assistants / teacher at university


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(4 years 10 Months), Ulm, Germany
Tutor of “Practical Computer Science” and “Introduction to Computer Science”.
Includes holding of tutorials, as well as corrections
and meetings of practice sessions for students.

Tutors Training WS08-09

Tutors Training SS09

Evaluation PI-Tutorium WS10-11

Work Experience

Lecturer for Tuition


Studienkreis Logo

 (1 Month), Geislingen an der Steige, Germany
Lecturer in math and physics (tutoring).


Private Tuition + Homework

 (1 Month), Deggingen, Germany
Lecturer in math and physics (tutoring).

Work Experience

Experience from electrical engineering to computer science

Software Engineer

Wieland Logo

(3 Month), Vöhringen, Germany

Migration of a part of the internal system of C++ to Java,
as external employee of eXXcellent solutions.

Intern in Service

Ankosoft Logo

(2 Months), Suhl, Germany

Evaluation Ankosoft


Umwelt Elektronik Logo

(1 Month), Geislingen an der Steige, Germany

Internship as an electrician

Master Electrician
Bernhard Rothämel
(1 Month), Sondersfeld, Germany
Summer job. Ex.: installation of network cables in a law firm