Hobbies and Interests

See what I like to do
Game Development

My greatest hobby is creating all kinds
of games for various platforms.

Please let me present you some of them –
commercial, freeware and open source.

Festivals & Music

I need my music and I love to visit festivals
of the harder electronic music styles.

I can show you some festivals I went to
or I will visit in the future for sure.


Japan is my “hobby”. I learn Japanese and love
the culture, technology, animes, games and the people.

I visited Japan in 2014 for the first time.
And later in 2016 and 2018 again.


The joining of teaching (Education) with
something entertaining (Entertainment)
such as my games, leads to

Edutainment – learning with fun.


I need to do something artistically from
time to time. In addition to creating
graphics for my games, web design
and other stuff, I also like to
draw with a pen on paper.


In learned Standard Latin American
Dances up to silver rank and participated
as “guest dancer” a long time.
Later I mostly specialized
in Melbourne Shuffle.